Daily Calm CBD Tincture



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Daily Calm CBD Tincture

Daily Calm CBD Tincture has created their Daily Calm Tincture. Full-spectrum blend made to promote feelings of calm, relaxation, and overall balance. Ideal for combatting anxiety and anxiety-symptoms. This Calm tincture is made using specialized Nanotechnology to shrink the cannabinoids’ molecular sizes. And these smaller sizes allow for an easier, more effective absorption into the bloodstream. The more effective an absorption rate, the more efficacious of a product you have. Bioavailability is crucial within quality CBD products, and Daily understands this firsthand. The tincture’s high bioavailability combined with a strong concentration of full-spectrum CBD results in a cannabis experience that will have no issue giving you a dose of calm.

Daily believes in purity and naturality, so this tincture is made without any added sweeteners, sugars, or artificial flavors. Instead, you have an all-natural CBD oil that provides subtle, gentle flavors of floral and herbs. When placed directly under the tongue, Daily suggests holding it for 20-30 seconds before swallowing to allow for ultimate bioavailability and efficacy. Or, you can choose to add a few drops to your food or drink instead. However you choose to enjoy it is totally up to you: both methods will easily take the edge off your day and start relieving your stress almost instantly.


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