omulan X Nebula Hash



omulan X Nebula Hash

Omulan X Nebula Hash is a mix of two potent hard-hitting Indica strains with a pinch of Sativa thrown in, crafted with time and knowledge by the team.

Nebula means star cloud and the flower got the name because it almost twinkles with THC coating. The effects lean to the psychedelic side. A hybrid strain with a fruity taste and solid knock-out punch to the smoker. Romulan giving off an intoxicating fresh spice scent. Hits hard with narcotic-like effects and is considered strong for experienced users.

This blend could prove too much for inexperienced smokers. Intense head and body effects are incredible if you can hold one.

Both strains are for treating insomnia, strong body effects, and sedation is guaranteed.


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