Elephant Stomper Marijuana Strain


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 Elephant Stomper Marijuana Strain

Elephant Stomper Marijuana Strain  gets its name for the term used by tribal Africans to refer to a Kenyan landrace also known as Kilimanjaro. Unlike that pure sativa, Elephant Stomper is an even balance of indica and sativa. It’s a descendant of Purple Elephant, Grape Stomper, and Aloha White Widow, all effective strains in their own right. THC contents are unknown, as are CBD contents. But this strain is known more for its psychoactive potency than its CBD levels. Elephant Stomper delivers a combination of head and body effects, with a calming physical buzz, a dose of euphoria, and mental clarity. It’s great for treating muscle spasms and pain, though it can also be helpful with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.
Elephant Stomper tastes like grapefruit and smells like flowers. Negative effects likely include cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes. But there isn’t much information available on the effects of this uncommon strain, so other negatives are possible. Elephant Stomper definitely isn’t popular, on or off the medical market It might be found in Amsterdam, where it’s bred, but elsewhere it’s rare.


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