Kaua’i Electric Marijuana Strain


THC: 16% – 18%, CBD: 4%

Body High, Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Relaxing


 Kaua’i Electric Marijuana Strain

Kaua’i Electric Marijuana Strain is a 100% pure sativa strain native to the islands of Hawaii, specifically the Powerline Trail. Near Mt. Wai’ale’ale, one of the rainiest regions on Earth. Even though it’s been taken out of this region and bred elsewhere, Kaui’I Electric still maintains its gorgeous appearance. Each dense little nug is coated with a super thick frosty layer of tiny amber crystal trichomes and dotted with furry amber hairs. As you break apart each little nugget, rich tropical berry aromas can be detected as well as a hefty hit of skunky earth. Each inhale of Kaui’I Electric brings sweet tropical berry flavors mixed with rich earth and herby spices.
The high comes pretty quickly after your exhale, too, bringing with it a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that’s not too heavy or overpowering. As your mood lifts and your mind soars, a slightly tingly body high will wash over you. Not affecting your energy level in the slightest but rather leaving you completely relaxed in both mind and body. Paired with its high average 16-18% THC level and 2-4% CBD level, these effects make this. Bud perfect for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, appetite loss, depression, and chronic pain.


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