Swiss Sativa Marijuana Strain


THC: 10%

Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Motivation, Upliftin


 Swiss Sativa Marijuana Strain

Swiss Sativa Marijuana Strain is a 100% pure sativa strain native to the regions of Switzerland. These indigenous flowers are typically landraces, although their exact characteristics tend to vary based on the precise region and latitude at which they grow. Much like other native landraces, Swiss Sativas pack a powerful punch of classic sativa effects that make for the perfect uplifting wake-and-bake treat. And in your forehead before it spreads throughout the rest of your head. You’ll feel energized and laser focused with a sense of motivation that leaves you working on anything.
Although this head high is great for giving you a boost of energy to work on homework, housework, and more, it can be overwhelming to some users and cause paranoia or anxiety. Because of these heavy effects and its THC level of 10% or more on average. The flavor is even more delicious, with a sweet woody spice that’s accented by hints of citrus and pungent skunk as you continue to smoke. Swiss Sativas typically have long and leafy pepper-shaped light minty green nugs with fiery orange hairs and a frosty thick coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes.


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