Haute Sauce Premium Rechargeable Vape Bar Set


1 gram – 14 options


Haute Sauce Premium Rechargeable Vape Bar Set

Haute Sauce Premium Rechargeable Vape Bar Set brings potency with a premium quality that is very suitable for consumption, Premium Marijuana Delivery Dispensary since 2014!

  • Rechargeable Vape Battery Set
  • 1 gram premium vape oil
  • Micro USB port for charging purposes
  • Charger not included

Additional information

Haute Strain

Afgoo (89% TCH), Animal Cookies (88% TCH), Blueberry Kush (85% TCH), Bubba Kush (89% TCH), Chemdawg (88% TCH), Durban Poison (91% TCH), Forbidden Fruit (85% TCH), Gogi Cake (88% TCH), Grape Ape (85% TCH), Jack Herer (89% TCH), King Louis XIII (87% TCH), Lemon Jack (89% TCH), NYC Diesel (89% TCH), Sour Tangle (89% TCH)


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